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I let FMF (five minute friday) go for awhile. When I started the October 31 day challenge it just didn’t fit in with what I was writing at the time and I didn’t want to interupt the flow of the book I was posting (click on the Alphabet Soup tab if you’re wondering what I’m talking about). And then I never picked it up again.

I have loved FMF because it is a flash-mob-free-form-write-as-it-comes-to-you experience. It isn’t all thought out beforehand. We take a prompt and write for five minutes. And the community writing? GOLDEN. I look forward to seeing some of them at Allume in October – cause we usually get together then!

FMF is a reclamation kind of writing.

Finding what is in your heart at the moment and letting it out. It is cathartic to write without the interior editor showing up – and I don’t edit afterward either.


Another reclamation project of mine is to recapture my love for writing and maybe get over the fear I’ve had of starting my novel yet again (one of several). Getting my book on hidden disabilities ready to publish now that it’s written and sort of published here on the blog.

Here I go, reclamation project #2 – five minute friday. ¬†We link up together over here at Katy’s house called Heading Home.

Today’s prompt: WELCOME

gotta go get my timer:

and GO!

I have lost me and I want to welcome me back.

The fog is beginning to clear and I am starting to see what I used to look like, to see the parts of me that I want back and the bits that can be left behind.

I am welcoming the change.

That isn’t normal for me.

I grew up moving, changing houses, schools, friends, even personalities to try to fit in and belong.

I am done with that. Trying to meet another’s expectation if there name isn’t God, Jesus, Holy Spirit or Lord of my Life. That trying has wasted me and lost me and I am done with it.

I welcome what discoveries I am going to make that maybe I wasn’t aware were there.

I’ve read beautiful stories of some of my friends who had a dream burst forth that they didn’t even know existed as they reclaimed their hearts and let God move. I want that to be my story.

I welcome the digging in and the sore muscles and the tears that are going to surely come.

I want me back, better than what I’ve been.

All those lines have I at the beginning and that seems selfish at first glance but there is a knowing deep inside that if I can find me again there will more to give to my family and those that God puts in my path. Right now there is precious little but I have hope that there is beauty in the ashes.


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