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    • de·clare
      say something in a solemn and emphatic manner.
      “he declared that he never revises his prose”
      synonyms: proclaim, announce, state, reveal, air, voice, articulate, express, vent, set forth, publicize, broadcast;
    • More formally announce the beginning of (a state or condition).
      “Spain declared war on Britain in 1796”
      synonyms: assert, maintain, state, affirm, contend, argue, insist, hold, profess, claim, avow, swear; formalaver
      “he declared that they were guilty”
      pronounce or assert (a person or thing) to be something specified.
      “the mansion was declared a fire hazard”
      synonyms: show to be, reveal as, confirm as, prove to be, attest to someone’s being
      “his speech declared him to be a gentleman”
      openly align oneself for or against (a party or position) in a dispute.
      “Mr. Roosevelt had declared for “a new deal.””
      announce oneself as a candidate for an election.
      “he declared last April”
      reveal one’s intentions or identity. archaic
      express feelings of love to someone.
      “she waited in vain for him to declare himself”

  1. 2.
    acknowledge possession of (taxable income or dutiable goods).

It seems to be the time of year when I should be posting reflective thoughts and witty sayings. I don’t have many of those. At the moment I am sitting here at my computer wrapped in a blanket because, baby, it’s cold outside…and I have a headache…and the one family member here in this cold house with me is still sleeping, bless her heart.

DECLARE was my word for 2014. It didn’t take the shape I thought it might, though we did do some declaring sort of things.

I guess you could say we declared our independence and moved back to the city to take some time away from the farm and ministry.

We declared our ownership of this house and moved back into it and started the reclamation process.

We declared that we are indeed parents of our kids and got them all back under one roof.

We declared a road unmarked and Kelly stepped down from his position as youth pastor.

We declared war on mice!

I got my book out into the public realm all be it in ‘blog post’ forum, but it’s all there.

I guess we weren’t so off from the definition stated up there after all!

The Lord is birthing a new word for 2015 in my heart…I’m not ready to share it yet but I will when I am.

Blessings to you and yours in 2015, may it be a time of gratitude, dreaming and believing!