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curious 16

Dear readers…all 2 of you!

Things have been super quiet here on the blog.


Because life has been extremely loud.

Crazy in fact.

Right in this moment, I am extremely thankful for the quiet I am currently experiencing. My job disappeared. Some things that were askew righted themselves. Some kids are growing up.

And we’ve been hanging out at the farm – where life is busy, but quiet. I kind of love it there.

Sky Pic Field Pic Abby's Photography 024 DSC01308 015 DSC01069

I’ve needed quiet to combat the loud, crashing noise of struggle and surrender and truth.

I am in a stuck place.


I wish I wasn’t but I am.

I don’t remember ever feeling like this for so long.

Until about 3 years ago I was a passionate, purposeful person. I knew what I wanted and although I tended to self-sabotage, at least I knew.

Now I know nothing.

So I wait.

I wait for what God has for me. He has taken away the need to strive, create a name or a niche or a title. I want to give a best yes to His plans. Right now, that involves very little beyond my family. That may change but that’s where my focus is for now.

And I think that is okay.

This wilderness has possibilities, I can feel them beginning to grow and I am curious to see what comes up.

I have been challenged to give up my defended-ness, to allow people to get near me.

But I wonder who to let in.

Lots of questions and not so many answers.

That’s where I’ve been/am.

So where have you been? Are there possibilities?