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Ten years.

Ten years between these two photos.

We are now living in the same house we lived in ten years ago with a huge move to the farm and back again.

We are back in our home church after ministering in another church between these ten year book ends.

So much of life has happened.

family b&a

That little baby will be ten years old next month. She plays with the little girl down the block that was born the same weekend as her. As we rocked and nursed our babies we dreamed of them growing up best friends. A lot of growing up happened without them ever knowing each other, but now, they are best buddies and love that their birthdays are so close and our little dream is reality.

All but two are teen-agers and one is on the verge of joining their ranks but won’t get there before the oldest moves on to the twenties.

The ugly couch is long gone and so is that panelling. Drywall hangs in it’s place and hopefully in the next week or so paint will get on it! Maybe we’ll have to take another picture like that first one when it does, that would be fun.  However, I don’t think I will make them all pyjamas again!

I can’t imagine what another ten years will look like on us. These last ten have been hard. Big changes and transitions, gains and losses, addictions, problems I didn’t think would happen to us. Here we are, back in the same place we were ten years ago and God is still in the middle of us. #meetmeinthemiddleproj

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