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You know that feeling when you aren’t expecting to like something and then you are pleasantly surprised?

Yeah, that happened. It was a good thing.

I got Jenny Simmons book, The Road to Becoming and thought, “What can a thirty-something-mother-of-one teach me about becoming?” Yes, I was that judgemental and I am happy to say I was quite wrong!

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The Road to Becoming is Jenny’s story of success and defeat, mostly defeat – because you might feel a little defeated after your main mode of livelihood and transportation gets stolen…then totalled…then blown up. Yes, I think I might feel somewhat discouraged after all that – how about you?

Jenny’s life didn’t quite go as planned and The Road to Becoming tells her story of her detour into a the terrifying, unknown, God-designed future that she doesn’t even know yet. She talks about the adventures and people along the way who helped to direct her to the path that she is now on. It is a path much different than the very well-planned, scheduled life that she was used to. It is simply to get up and say yes to whatever the Lord has in store for that day.

That is a scary place to be. In the middle of a foggy field without a clue to what is out there beyond the horizon, not quite knowing if it’s safe to start walking. Jenny encourages her readers to start walking, listening to the Voice that is always speaking, always leading us onward. She encourages us to gather a choir of voices around us, singing over us, encouraging us to press onward, go higher.

With raw humour and titles like “Aisle 7 and the Evil Spaghetti”, Jenny, lead singer of the band Addison Road, writes with wit and wisdom. You can laugh and cry along with her journey and you might just find some encouragement on your own road to becoming.

This review is my own but the book came by way of Baker Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications. It is available at your favourite bookseller.