James’ words cut through my heart this morning. Where does my wisdom come from? I think it wise to renovate and buy new things and try this weight loss method? Why? Because perhaps I’m jealous of her new kitchen or their beautiful floors. Perhaps I want to do those things so that I can prove I am just as good, that we are just as deserving as they, that I am as beautiful as her? Is this why? Because if that’s why I am doing these things then my ‘wisdom’ is straight from the pit. It is nothing but selfish ambition and jealousy. James says that this is demonic and leads to all kinds of evil.

God’s wisdom is not that. It is gentle and pure, it seeks mercy and the needs of others. It promotes peace and harvests righteousness.

The wisdom of man says to chase after power, security and fame and all you’ve ever wanted.

God’s wisdom says chase after the dream that I have for you…you becoming all that I have planned for you to be.

This week a new little book hit the shelves and it just might help you find that path to Godly wisdom and the plans God has for you. You can find it at your favorite bookseller and it looks a lot like this:

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It goes really well with her other book:

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As a part of the God-sized Dream Team we worked through this book together and it helps to tap into God’s wisdom for you. Won’t you step out of the boat today? Let go of the wisdom of this earth which will do you no good and grab hold of God’s plan for you…