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The season of celebrating the resurrection is over.

Such an important event and yet it gets so little coverage.

Kind of stuck under a pile of fluffy bunnies and melted chocolate.

Long have I wondered how to make a shift in my own home to make this weekend a bigger deal than Christmas. I haven’t been successful in that yet. I’m open to ideas…

The weeks leading up to Easter were even busier than the lead up to Christmas, but not with events that reminded me of the origins of my faith. Just lots of stuff to do…

Jesus walked and talked and did the mundane stuff of everyday like we do every day.


Death couldn’t keep him.

He was different than any other figure in history.

He is my Saviour…

and yet he was one of us.

This song is written and performed by my husband’s sister, Sonya Braun. It begs us to answer the question, “What will we do with him now?”

Do we put Him on the shelf now that Easter is over, pack him up with the other trinkets and take him out again next year?

Where is he in my every-day-ness?

photo by Rodney S. Braun

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Did you listen?

What will you do with him now?