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And here I am far too far away from my babies when I learn of a disaster that has befallen another that could just have easily been me.

In Alberta a family is without three girls today. Drowned in grain. Every farmer’s nightmare. It was almost my nighmare. My oldest, just a few year’s ago…but for some crazy grace that allows his heart to keep beating.

Disappointment is too small a word for such a time as this.

I just can’t fathom the depth of grief that this family is experiencing. When the thing that brings food to your table and to the world, the lifeblood of your family is the very thing that takes the life away.

I want to hold my children close today but I am across the country right now. Nowhere close to them.

So I sit here and I have to peel my white-knuckled grip off once more. How I long to control outcomes. Make decisions for them. Try to have them behave.

I get disappointed when they grow and choose things differently than I would have. Why? Because I think I know best. I want to protect them and shelter them and I think I can see further down th road, but there is a stark truth that is glaringly obvious today.

None of us have control.

We do not know when our time here is done.

For three little girls it was now.

Please, pray for this family. Hold them up.