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One thing that having a kid in the hospital with nothing to do but sit there beside him affords is the opportunity to read!  A lot.  Let’s not forget the 9 hour drive that we engaged in on the way there. I have a few books to tell you about:

The Shock of Night by Patrick W. Carr

Where She Belongs by Johnnie Alexander

Beyond the Silence by Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse

Samuel already reviewed Carr’s book but I figured I should add my two cents worth. Here’s a very cool thing…Patrick Carr commented on the blog here sending a personal message to Sam for his review, I thought that was pretty cool. So, the book…

I’ve actually read ALL of Carr’s books. I believe this guy’s brain must be a treasure trove of amazing, complex ideas. Carr creates a whole society within his books. It is isn’t a realm that exists in our known world and yet it does. The timeframe seems familiar but not. I love that kind of fantasy world, where you can imagine along with the author what the world you’re in looks like.

available on Amazon. I received The Shock of Night for review from Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications

Carr’s characters are complex. I enjoy the interchange of perspectives from the various characters. Willet Dura is the main character in Shock of Night, he has the unique experience of enduring a night in the Darkwater Forest and not going insane, or has he? Willet’s main job is serving the king as reeve of Bunard. His job description includes solving murders. The murder that he is currently investigating leads him down a rabbit hole involving ‘gifts’, the church and the Vigil, which is not supposed to exist, but it does. Willet was bestowed a ‘gift’ by a dying Servant. This gift gives him the ability to see into the memories and motives of anyone he touches. (Not sure I’d want that gift.)

So now Willet finds himself hunting down an enemy that can see in the dark, is evil and has a strange band of followers all the while trying to understand exactly what has happened to him surrounded by a group of people that don’t trust him and aren’t supposed to exist.

There are plenty of twists and turns in The Shock of Night and it looks like there are more chapters to come as this is Book One of the The Darkwater Saga.

I received Where She Belongs from Graf-Martin Communications and Revell a division of Baker Publishing Group

Where She Belongs by Johnnie Alexander is a story of redemption and healing. Shelby Kincaid is a widowed mom of two girls. As the daughter of missionaries home is a place that calls to her from a place called Misty Willow, her family’s homestead. Only good memories live there for her and she wants desperately to create those same memories of home for her two young girls.

Unfortunately that home was taken away from her by a man greedy for revenge and control. He happens to have a grandson who is much more reasonable and not bad looking either. Now that AJ has control of the estate he is more open, in fact, more than willing to get rid of Misty Willow, it doesn’t hold good memories for him – it was a punishment from a harsh man. AJ hasn’t got much in common with his predecessor but it is hard for Shelby to get past the family history.

While there are a few surprises along the way, Where She Belongs is somewhat predictable but a great weekend read on the couch or in a bubble bath!

I received Beyond the Silence for review from Graf-Martin Communications and Bethany House a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Beyond the Silence by Peterson & Woodhouse is set in old California at the latter end of the gold rush. Beyond the Silence shows how the acid of gossip can ruin relationships and lives. Lillian Porter is a spunky young woman who wants to follow her mama’s dream, her wealthy grandfather doesn’t approve but Lillian decides that it is more important to live life than be trapped by grief and stubbornness.

Woodward Colton is expecting Lillian to help him with his traumatized son. Since witnessing the death of his mother the young boy hasn’t uttered a word. Unfortunately, the whole town, including the sherriff believes that Woodie is the one who did her in. Jimmy and Lillian get along just fine and things seem to be looking good, except for some unfinished business that a ruthless criminal has with them. Only after the housekeeper is brutally attacked and Woodie is blamed once again does the truth finally win out.

Peterson and Woodhouse address the power of truth and the poison of gossip in this heartwarming and suspenseful story. Enjoy Beyond the Silence.



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