You’ll want to pick these two books up for weekend reading! I found both to be excellent reads. Very different genres and points of view.

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Hyam’s life changed completely when he discovered that the life he had known had guarded who he really was. When confronted with a group of knights out to destroy a nearby village and him along with it he discovers that he has power that up until that point wasn’t known to him. This knowledge sends him on a quest that has him finding more and more things about himself that are vastly different from what he has known. Whether or not he wants to, he is becoming the saviour of his kingdom, the knight in shining armour for a beautiful woman and the enemy of the mysterious ‘red’ wizard. There is all kinds of magic and wizardry in Thomas Locke’s story if that is something you have trouble with you may want to stay away but if you like a little historic sci-fi (can’t think of another good name for this genre) then dig in! You’re going to have trouble putting it down! Be warned though, it is the first book in a series and you’re going to have to wait for #2!


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I have always enjoyed reading Angela Hunt. She paints wonderful word pictures that make you feel you can smell the figs! Esther is an historical fiction piece that tells Hadassah’s story from her perspective as well as from the perspective of a eunuch in the king’s chamber. Hadassah, a young Jewish girl with hopes and dreams that are far bigger than the small home she shares with her cousin Mordecai. Even though the story is familiar I love how she unwraps the personality and character of the young girl blossoming into womanhood through the course of events that landed her as Queen of all Persia. Hunt delves into the heart of the palace, what drove the king and explores how this process may have happened.

Written with vivid descriptions and wonderful dialogue you’ll find yourself immersed in the world of Persia, the city of Susa, the king’s chambers and the intricate workings of politics.

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