Photo Credit: First5

Photo Credit: First5

Disappointment comes in all shapes and sizes. We experience small disappointments, like when the app switches photos on you so the post you wrote makes no sense. We experience huge disappointments, like the loss of a job or when that cycle comes again after months of hoping and praying.

Disappointment is individual. I won’t be disappointed if the local grocery store is out of ice cream but maybe you will be. We experience life in unique capacities which is kind of amazing when you think about it. Can we totally understand another person’s struggle? Not completely because we aren’t them, each of us responds differently to circumstances…

HOWEVER, there is the wonderful, amazing verse in the Bible that helps us make sense of all of the disappointment and sorrow we go through. While we can’t fully comprehend all the nuances and reasons why we’re allowed to go through a difficulty there is this:


Often we cry out, “Why?” to God as we hurt and struggle. Scripture says that He rises to show us compassion. That means He is actively seeking us, inviting us into a deeper relationship with Him, offering His hand to us and bringing us closer.

He is doing this, right in the middle of the heartache and grief so that we can extend a hand to another and say, “I get it.”

A friend sat with me yesterday, one who understands the broken, heart-breaking battle that we’ve been in for the last number of years. She lived through one that was very similar and so she offers hope to me that I can, too. I have lived through miscarriage and infertility and moving and loss, so I can offer hope and comfort to others when they are going through that situation.

God invites us into relationship with Him continually. Often we think He’s ignoring us when bad things happen, but the opposite is true – it is a gateway to something deeper, more profound, more intimate. Listen to the songwriter who’s experienced grief – their love songs are more poignant. Read the writer who had to walk through the fire – their words have authenticity. I have to admit I have scoffed at the teen-age singers who are singing about lost love relationships – at 14, someone else has most likely written that song and the depth of feeling is still an unknown, it will come, but these things take time.

We have been wonderfully created to experience a wide breadth of emotion. While I have no desire to race after disappointment for the sake of an experience, when it comes my way I hope that I will see the hand held out to me. I want to respond to the one that says, “Go deeper! Come out here with me and I will sit with you as your boat is rocked by the waves. I will stay with you.” I want to trust that voice.