The Dream Goes On {Launch and Give-away!!}

I’ve never been good at getting into cold water, it takes me a very. long. time. Eventually I will enjoy it and feel comfortable.

I’m not good at cruising a crowd of new people. My hope is that will be at least one familiar face and if I find one I will usually stick to them like glue. It takes me awhile to branch out and make new contacts.

I’m not much of a risk taker and I second guess myself all the time.

Enter the Allume conference (a whole new level of trusting God for me) and then…The God-Sized Dream Team.

Talk about cold water, strangers and risk-taking.

What possessed me to take the risk and apply for the team? Well, God did obviously!! Suddenly there I was about to ‘meet’ about 100 people that were new to me. Then I saw a familiar name or two (Julie Wilson and Mandy Mianeki whom I had met at Allume), so I breathed a little easier.

And then I inched my way in, a toenail at a time.

Here is a group of people bent on encouragement, prayer and dreaming big.

Today I am jumping off the diving board with Rosanne Bowman…we are both launching our new blogs (hers is almost ready and I’m going to shout about it when it is)!! This site has been ready for over a week and I’ve been too scared to put it out there.  I’m not sure I would have taken this step without the Team. I think I am, perhaps, a little braver than I was 6 months ago.

We’ve prayed and blogged through trials, the birthing of dreams, the changes and fine-tuning that has had to take place. The complete reconstruction of dreams and the crazy that goes with dreaming in the first place.

Because we took the time to spell it out. To say it out loud. To post it for the world to see…

* I find myself dreaming more often
* I find myself encouraging other people to dream
* I am slowly walking toward my dreams one step at a time
* I am encouraging myself to not give up
* I have invited others to pray and speak into these dreams

Tomorrow I will post a dream update. The original list is back on the old blog, you can read it here.

I’m still scared stiff that this dream, the one that looks like being a bona fide writer will crash and burn. And maybe it will. Or maybe it won’t. It most likely will look nothing like I envision in my mind right now. But, because I was a part of this amazing group of women, led by Holley Gerth, I am trusting the outcome to a God who is the giver of dreams and completely trust worthy.

I invite you to continue dreaming with me in this new space. You can subscribe to get posts straight to your inbox in that little box Abby put in the top of the sidebar.  {I handed this baby over to my thirteen year old daughter as a home school project so she could learn design basics…it took far longer than I anticipated but didn’t she do a great job?}  Nothing like putting your dream in someone else’s hands!

A Little Give-Away

Leave a comment and you will be entered to win one of these:

Created by Lisa Leonard, it’s so pretty!

More Encouragement

We have been linking up on Tuesdays with our Dreamer posts and this is the last in that series. Please go over to Holley Gerth’s site and read through some of the other dreamer posts, I know you will be encouraged by this brave group of women that I am happy to call my friends and sisters. {so excited to meet some of them in(RL) at Allume this year}

Here are some excerpts from these beautiful women:

“I often think of the unexpected blessings I have received because I said YES! I get to be a part of His story.”  Courtney DeFeo – read whole post here

” I was wrecked in a whole new beautiful way.” Mandy Mianecki – read whole post here.

I am already living a God-sized dream. 

A different dream, yet a dream a none the less.” Ashley Wells – read whole post 


There are so many more, click on this button to view the other links.


I’m going to keep on talking about dreaming and the rest of the craziness that is my life on a regular basis.  I hope you will join me, I love your comments and questions and you, I love you because you are a beautiful dreamer, too.

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