The Dog Kennel of Dream Destroyers and Happy News!!

It’s Tuesday and though I haven’t done it for awhile, I felt like it was a day to talk about God-sized dreams.

In November I applied to be part of a God-sized dream team. We were going to get together to talk about and support each other in our dreams and to launch Holley Gerth’s new book by the same name. You can get it from Amazon by clicking HERE. It is well worth the money.

For some of us the dreams we had at the beginning got laid aside to make way for new ones that we weren’t even aware were there. Some of us realized the dream that we signed up with. Some of us hit huge brick walls we’re still trying to scale and some of us are continuing to work toward that dream and have found some new ones along the way. Some of us even realized that we needed to lay down the dream we came with and receive one completely different.

Through this process we have found a beautiful community of faith and encouragement. We have cheered and prayed and cried together. Dreaming is so much more when you do it together. We’ve jumped off some pretty big cliffs in this group and seen some crazy answers to prayer! And we’ve seen lots of dreams coming true!

My dream wasn’t just one it was a whole list – a pretty crazy list – but once I got started dreaming so many bubbled up to the surface I couldn’t stop writing them down, and it’s been changing our lives. Some are going to be a long time coming yet and some…well, just keep reading!

Every Tuesday we met online to write on a specific topic. One of the posts we were asked to write was about the Chihuahua of Fear – that little nipping voice that keeps us from going forward –  pretending to be a big dog. Over these last few months I realized that there are a few other dogs living in my kennel. They are related to the Chihuahua but I have given them different breeds because that’s just the way my brain works!

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Introducing…the Saint Bernard of Laziness!

He’s big and slobbery and lies around a lot. He is hard to get moving and even when he does move, it is slow! I figured out that this beast has been living in my dreams. Because, dear friends, dream-fulfilling requires lots of hard work, they just don’t come true because we hope they will.  My Chihuahua was yipping telling me that Saint Bernard ain’t never gonna move no how. It had me scared that I wouldn’t be able to get the work done, that I would be a failure…which brings in…

The Bulldog of Lies!

He’s mean and tough and ugly. He keeps barking at me and telling me that I won’t be able to do this thing. The Chihuahua is right, I’ll always be slave to the Saint Bernard. Give up now.

Today I’d like to put those puppies, the dream destroyers, where they belong. OUT!!

I have always been a hard worker and while my health issues have slowed me down considerably I believe, because God said so, that we (He and I together) can go forward on these dreams.

It will require discipline and effort. I’m not so great at the discipline thing but this is a lesson that God made clear I must learn. Which is why my word, or phrase rather, for this year has been Grace-full Discipline.  He has so much grace for my failings and falling down. He knows when I’d rather get distracted than meet a deadline (can I hear an Amen? Please someone tell me they know what I’m saying there).

So, with great fear and trembling I opened up a store yesterday. Right here on my blog. A dream that I’ve been dreaming for a looooooong time. I’ve been asking God for a design, a product, something that came out of my head and heart that was all mine.  A young lady showed me a picture of a doll she wanted me to make and I went to work. I drew out a test pattern and I sewed. I’ve tweaked and redesigned and people asked me to make more of them and Button Beauties was born.

This is Hannah!

I’ve kept it pretty low key because that Saint Bernard was barking at me telling me to lie down already! The bulldog told me that I wouldn’t be able to meet deadlines and succeed. The Chihuahua kept barking really loudly saying this was scary and I shouldn’t hit publish, no one would want them anyway.

But I did.

The Crazy Grace Store is open for business, it is that tab by the same name right on top that has been empty so far – no longer. Soon we will have the Etsy shop up and running as well and we are going to trust that this really is God’s idea, his dream, for me.

a dream coming true

**I am running a store special for my fellow Allume attendees. If you order I will bring your doll with me to Allume – so you save the shipping cost!! (and I get to hand your doll to you in person!)

About Lani

With six kids, a farm, a ministry and dreams poking out in every direction I need plenty of grace to keep all the balls in the air. The sweet thing is that when I drop them, that crazy grace of God is there telling me I'm still okay...and you are, too...welcome to this place of grace.

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4 Responses to The Dog Kennel of Dream Destroyers and Happy News!!

  1. martha brady August 27, 2013 at 10:30 am #

    i will give you an amen sista! love the names for your dogs that need to be put out. in all honesty, i must admit to having the st. bernard as well:( i have the other 2 also, but i hate that st. bernard. i get going on a project and between the 3 of them, i give up.

    it seems i have fallen into some recent opportunities too…and hope to develop them…if i can get my blog working again:( thanks for your great post lani. i love it!

    sorry i won’t see you at allume this year:( it’s crazy. i have moved closer to it…could drive there from here…but it just will not work out!

  2. Laurie Wallin ( August 27, 2013 at 8:25 pm #

    Lani – these are so beautiful and sweet! Good to think Dreams again on a Tuesday. I’ve missed it, too. Maybe we can get a little linkup going again! Glad you shared your update at the GSDT page. Praying God’s hand would lead clear and strong as you ignore the bulldog and sew with abandon!

  3. Debby August 28, 2013 at 9:14 am #

    What a lovely idea….an online store….perfect! I love your writings….keep up the great sharing…..

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