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A ten day whirlwind…

A lot has taken place in the last ten days or so. I feel like I’ve been in a whirlwind. The world has shifted for me in some not so little ways… I attended a conference, a retreat, several meetings and work. I have slept in 4 different beds. I travelled out of the province, north of […]

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In the Wilderness of Possibility

Dear readers…all 2 of you! Things have been super quiet here on the blog. Why? Because life has been extremely loud. Crazy in fact. Right in this moment, I am extremely thankful for the quiet I am currently experiencing. My job disappeared. Some things that were askew righted themselves. Some kids are growing up. And […]

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Moving Forward in the Waiting

I picked a ‘flower’ today! That hasn’t happened in sooooooo long! By ‘flower’ I mean a little revelation that comes as I bop along life’s road. It feels a little like God sweeps back the veil for just a moment and you get a flash of understanding that is just for that moment. My old […]

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2014 – a year of declaration

de·clare diˈkler/ verb 1. say something in a solemn and emphatic manner. “he declared that he never revises his prose” synonyms: proclaim, announce, state, reveal, air, voice, articulate, express, vent, set forth, publicize, broadcast; More formally announce the beginning of (a state or condition). “Spain declared war on Britain in 1796” synonyms: assert, maintain, state, affirm, […]

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Birthing Me…

I am having contractions. I am squeezed and tight and I can hardly breathe. I should have known it was coming, there have been little contractions that I haven’t taken much notice of but this, this is the real deal, I can tell. Which means only one thing. The pain and trauma and joy of […]

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What do You say?

Why do you say that? Watch what you say! Did you hear what I said? Yesterday afternoon we were privileged to attend the graduation of one of our youth group members who went to a boarding school this year.  Something the speaker said really spoke to me. What you say to yourself is six times […]

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