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Why I quit make-up for Lent…

I’m not actually a huge make-up wearer. In fact my kids commented on that fact when I said I was giving up make-up for Lent. They noticed this particular feature of their mom, I was touched that they noticed. However, I know what’s in my heart. I know why I use make-up when I do. […]

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To calibrate something means that you adjust it to meet a standard. Therefore, recalibrate means to bring something back to the standard; to re-adjust. My daughter has to do this constantly with her violin. It isn’t a very good one so it goes out of tune easily. Went she’s all calibrated the music is sweet […]

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The unfinished…

  We live in a world of unfinished. I love completed projects and yet feelings of satisfaction war with the sadness of saying goodbye to a project. Every project is a process of blossoming ideas, the work of designing, creating and all the labor and love that it takes to complete. There are pieces of […]

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Of Mice and Me {a Meet Me in the Middle post}

I just created a really gross collage that you’re going to wonder, “What on earth? Why?” Yeah, cause I am cool like that. WARNING: I talk about mice and there is a picture of a dead one further down. We have lived in old houses for most of our married lives or on a farm. […]

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Just the ordinary

Today is such an ordinary day of trying to clean and teach a kid about subjects and predicates and keep my hair in my head while her brother DOESN’T write his report on the Renaissance. Today is a day of sipping tea and talking and planning and wondering if he could please pick up a […]

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A Different Kind of Crazy

When we had six kids under the age of 10 I thought life was pretty nuts. We had so much going on at that point and I thought I might be crazy…and I was a little. In the midst of having babies and kids with conditions and medical needs we were fully involved in ministry […]

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when disappointment is too small a word

  And here I am far too far away from my babies when I learn of a disaster that has befallen another that could just have easily been me. In Alberta a family is without three girls today. Drowned in grain. Every farmer’s nightmare. It was almost my nighmare. My oldest, just a few year’s […]

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when we feel like we disappointed God

Yesterday we talked a little about shame and disappointment coming from a mistake or poor decision that we’ve made. How about when that poor decision is disobedience towards God? What do we do when we feel like God is disappointed with us? This is a hard one isn’t it? We like to think about God […]

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when you ARE the disappointment

So what happens inside when YOU cause the disappointment. You miss the appointment. Forget the birthday. Burn the dinner. Pay the bill late. Overdraft the account. Don’t lose the weight. (or gain it back) Procrastinate the project until you have to rush and don’t do as good of a job. For many of us, we […]

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Moving Forward in the Waiting

I picked a ‘flower’ today! That hasn’t happened in sooooooo long! By ‘flower’ I mean a little revelation that comes as I bop along life’s road. It feels a little like God sweeps back the veil for just a moment and you get a flash of understanding that is just for that moment. My old […]

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