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When Fear Chases You Down

We are told to be brave, to take courage. We are told to face our fear, to take that thing head on. What on earth do we do when fear assails us right in the middle of this dream that we hold dear?I’m not talking about me facing down the fear, I’m talking about the […]

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Day 9 – Anticipating Disappointment

Do you anticipate disappointment? May I have a show of hands? Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this. It’s sad but true. Next week I am heading to South Carolina to join with about 400 other blogger/writer women who love Jesus at the Allume conference. I will be hanging out in […]

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The Night the Flame Went Out

As a married woman I was still crushed by fear which made me feel ashamed and childish. I’d been a Christian all my life, I knew about the armour of God, I knew about prayer and yet, I was still afraid. There were many nights where I had to call my husband in while I […]

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Monsters in my closet…

I remember the day that fear came bounding in the door. I was six. I don’t remember where my siblings were but I remember that my parents needed to go somewhere for a very short time. It was already dark and I was ready for bed and rather than get me dressed again decided to […]

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