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when you’re scared to make a plan

I have been a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of girl. And mostly it has worked for me. Sure, when I was a children’s pastor I’d plan and process and pray through what I wanted things to look like in the ministry, but when it came down to execution of said plan you’d often find my carefully typed […]

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When Your Body Betrays You

God has an ironic sense of humour. Perhaps you knew that already. I had this post in my head about a week ago. It was supposed to be about all my brave friends who are battling life-altering things, but He thought it might be better for me to live it out on a small scale. […]

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a disappointment you can avoid {review}

I’m thinking that just maybe God is trying to tell me something! It seems like all the books that come to me for review are joining together to form a whole pictures of things I need to know. Once again, one of the books I’m reviewing slides right into this disappointment discussion. This one is […]

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when things don’t go as planned

And there was great rejoicing across the country. And many who hung their heads and deep sighs came out of their being. The people have spoken and the decision has been made. We have a new Prime Minister. Will this be a good decision? Only the Lord really knows. After all, He is the One […]

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where is the source of my desire

I am sorry for the silence. My current world is loud and exciting! I am at Allume. A wonderful, heart-filling blogging/writing conference and …wow. No disappointments so far people!! I am learning plenty of amazing things and my prayer is that I will glean all the good stuff and then put it into practice, I […]

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when disappointment is too small a word

  And here I am far too far away from my babies when I learn of a disaster that has befallen another that could just have easily been me. In Alberta a family is without three girls today. Drowned in grain. Every farmer’s nightmare. It was almost my nighmare. My oldest, just a few year’s […]

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when we feel like we disappointed God

Yesterday we talked a little about shame and disappointment coming from a mistake or poor decision that we’ve made. How about when that poor decision is disobedience towards God? What do we do when we feel like God is disappointed with us? This is a hard one isn’t it? We like to think about God […]

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when you ARE the disappointment

So what happens inside when YOU cause the disappointment. You miss the appointment. Forget the birthday. Burn the dinner. Pay the bill late. Overdraft the account. Don’t lose the weight. (or gain it back) Procrastinate the project until you have to rush and don’t do as good of a job. For many of us, we […]

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Day 11 – He’s a Good, Good Father

I LOVE this song. When we are disappointed, we MUST remember this one truth…He’s a Good, Good Father and we are LOVED by Him.

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Day 10 – When the timing is off…

There are some moments you never forget. We were moving into our first house that we bought. In the middle of boxes and furniture our new neighbour from across the street came over with the news that my brother had been in an accident. This was in the days before cell phones. My baby was […]

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