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All the Crazy – Who am I?

I’m beginning to think that I have multiple personalities! I write. When I am in writing mode I have a hundred ideas for new stories, articles, posts, and books. Each of those ideas reaches out to a different audience. Yet, when I go to writing workshops they always tell me, “Focus on just one, you […]

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Discouraged/Encouraged…A conversation with myself

  I sit and have a conversation with myself. Trying to talk myself into a better state of mind. This mind that has struggled to be sound and joyful for the last five years and so often failing to muster up good thoughts. When things get overwhelming or the fatigue threatens to drown me I […]

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Of Worms and Cats and Healing

The cat and the bag. ┬áThe worms and the can. They aren’t supposed to get out but I seem to have a way of poking the cans and the bags and then there is stuff to deal with. These cats and worms actually need to get out!! Not so long ago I was talking to […]

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When you give a woman a weekend…

When you give a woman a weekend, She may want to take a few friends with her. And if she takes a few friends with her she will most likely need to start a new Facebook group. And if there are many women in a Facebook group silliness might break out. When the silliness breaks […]

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There was a post….

I am attempting to post from the hospital room of my eldest son 9 hours away from home. My heart is split in two as my next oldest has to deal with hard stuff and I am not able to be with both of them. Josiah was having fun sledding with his school pals on […]

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Into the Deep

  This post was originally going to be a post and then I got brave and told our pastor that maybe I had something to share …. sometime. I told him that after the service on Sunday, on Tuesday he called and said, “How about THIS Sunday.” After a small panic attack and several phone […]

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Grace in the Crazy! I am back…

So much life has happened in the last several days and I’m just beginning to feel like a human again. There has been so much grace in the crazy of my life in the last few weeks… My daughter came home from her mission trip full of stories of God’s amazing grace as He used […]

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