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Why I quit make-up for Lent…

I’m not actually a huge make-up wearer. In fact my kids commented on that fact when I said I was giving up make-up for Lent. They noticed this particular feature of their mom, I was touched that they noticed. However, I know what’s in my heart. I know why I use make-up when I do. […]

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Why do we hunger for beauty?

Why did God bother making flowers? Yes there uses for many of them in medicines, teas and cosmetics, but not all of them. Greenhouse operators send us home every spring with baskets of posies to put in our dirt, collectively, they are making millions of dollars off of our hunger for beauty. For over six […]

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FMF: {Beautiful}

It’s Friday somewhere already, but not quite in the middle of the prairies…fifteen more minutes and then it will be official. Friday marks the day I take a break from all the other blogging ideas and take Lisa Jo’s prompt and just write whatever comes to mind without over- thinking it, without editing and I […]

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