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where is the source of my desire

I am sorry for the silence. My current world is loud and exciting! I am at Allume. A wonderful, heart-filling blogging/writing conference and …wow. No disappointments so far people!! I am learning plenty of amazing things and my prayer is that I will glean all the good stuff and then put it into practice, I […]

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Day 9 – Anticipating Disappointment

Do you anticipate disappointment? May I have a show of hands? Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this. It’s sad but true. Next week I am heading to South Carolina to join with about 400 other blogger/writer women who love Jesus at the Allume conference. I will be hanging out in […]

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Things I Learned in August

School starts tomorrow. Huge breath in.  And out. We are going back into the home-school realm and this is good. (Not my high-schoolers though – not this year!). #1  One thing I learned this August is that I need to be true to who God created me to be. Even though there are things that […]

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Gathered In…My Gift to Me

You don’t get to come back unchanged. When you have been around people who influence, love and lift up you can’t help but let it sink in and become a part of you. I watched a brave, beautiful soul gift us with a hospitality that was completely unlike mine. So gentle and easy and tasty. […]

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Birthing Me…

I am having contractions. I am squeezed and tight and I can hardly breathe. I should have known it was coming, there have been little contractions that I haven’t taken much notice of but this, this is the real deal, I can tell. Which means only one thing. The pain and trauma and joy of […]

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Dirty Laundry {FMF}

It’s Friday! Time for 5 minutes of mad writing, linking up with the crew of other mad writers over at Lisa Jo’s, head over there to see what this crazy writing community is all about… Today’s prompt: LAUNDRY Go… Seriously? Laundry? Let’s be honest and upfront, this is my laundry room as of today, brace […]

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10 Things my Allume roommates may (or not) want to know…

I wasn’t going to do much posting but Mandy and Laura got something started and I have to jump in because this is kind of a fun thing and I happen to have the house to myself at the moment and I’m supposed to be sorting a rather small mountain of paper and I’ve been […]

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