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I am trying to take more time to read this summer. Switch my gaze from a screen to paper. A lot of my friends read on their devices but for me there is something wonderful about a physical book to hold in my hands. I kinda love it.

I am thankful for the relationship that I have with Graf-Martin Communications and Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group who so graciously supply me with reading material in exchange for my honest opinions about their books. When I get the books in the mail there is a sticker that reads “Today is a Good Mail Day”! I love that bit. You can do this thing, too, head over to Nuts About Books and sign up!

First up…

once upon a summertime

I have read a few other books by Melody Carlson and enjoyed them so I figured I would pick this one from the offerings for June. As a rule I steer clear of romances because they are super predictable and schmaltzy. While Once Upon a Summertime probably isn’t a book I’d read again it was enjoyable. I liked the images of New York living and the inside of the hotel business. Carlson writes in a breezy style that is easy to read. Anna’s life hasn’t gone quite the way she pictured it. Getting fired unexpectedly opens up some doors for her to live her dream…sort of. She moves to New York and lands a job in a new ritzy hotel. She got a management job but not the one that she was hoping for. Sean O’Neil, a guy she knows from high school ends up being her friend and competition! While being somewhat predictable I would recommend it for a lazy afternoon by the pool!

And then…


My biggest problem with this book by Dee Henderson was the title! I had to get past the fact that the book obviously had nothing to do with the Liam Neeson movies. It does have to do with kidnapping, however, or rather the after effects of kidnapping.

Shannon Bliss was held captive by a crime family for 11 years before winning her freedom. She has carefully planned her re-entrance into society and main stream life. Matthew knows how to help Shannon because he has done this before, with his daughter, which is why she chooses him to help her.

Taken approaches some interesting issues. Post traumatic stress disorder is not often talked about and generally relegated to veterans, however, Dee Henderson opens up this box just a little and shows us the world of PTSD from a very different perspective.

I have never really considered how victims respond after being returned to ‘normal’ life. The re-entry curve would be difficult and painstaking and Henderson shows that process quite skillfully.

Taken isn’t quite as suspenseful as I thought it might be but very enlightening and a great story!

Both of these books are available at your favourite bookseller!! 🙂