I gave myself a gift this summer.

Time to read.

In between painting and road trips and cleaning and packing there were moments where I just couldn’t go any further so I sat down and read.

I want to share three titles with you:

Surviving Henry by Erin Taylor Young

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If you are a dog lover you will appreciate the world of Henry and the Young family. Henry isn’t an easy dog to live with and teaches his family many things. Things like, how NOT to go for a walk, how to spend a lot of money on doggie ‘stuff’, obedience lessons, patience and perseverance.

Surviving Henry is filled with this canine’s crazy capers! You will cringe and laugh and worry over Henry as you read of his antics and the important lessons learned by his somewhat reluctant owner!


Miracle in a Dry Season by Sarah Loudin Thomas

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Gossip, suspicion and some twisted turn or burn preaching make up the story of Miracle in a Dry Season. Perla thought she would escape the gossip and sideways glances by staying with her aunt and uncle in their out of the way little town in West Virginia but it is not to be. She feels responsible to help the people of Wise as they face a drought and people are going hungry. God has given her a gift and she wants to help but it is met with suspicion and fear.

Casewell Phillips wants Perla to be something that she isn’t and finds himself learning about judgement and forgiveness. He stands up for Perla but it doesn’t change who she is and what she’s done until he comes  face to face with what the gospel says about it. In the meantime Casewell has to deal with a cranky, dying dad, a preacher gone bad and a drought that is devastating their little town.

Miracle in a Dry Season is a great read for a lazy summer day on the beach!

Blind Trust by Sandra Orchard

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Blind Trust is the second book in the Port Aster series. In book one Kate Adams was busy solving the murder of her dear friend and mentor while trying not to get herself killed. Detective Tom Parker, while frustrated with her meddling found himself drawn to her spunky character if not the tea that she loves.

Book Two takes Kate further along the path of mystery and suspense. Someone is out to frame her, someone is following her and someone is trying to scare her. Is it all the same person or are many people involved? Does it have something to do with her father? Is the huge pharmaceutical pharmacy playing a part? These are questions and answers you’ll need to find out for yourself!

Tom and Kate continue to slide around on thin ice where their relationship is concerned. Tom finds himself keeping a confidence that he knows could destroy the fragile trust that he has built with Kate. Meanwhile Kate is trying to help unravel yet another mystery involving her father, mysterious plants and whatever it is that GPC is so desperate to keep quiet.

Blind Trust will keep you turning pages right until the very end…and then you’ll have to find the next one because it isn’t over yet!

Who can Kate trust?

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