Soup Label = Brain Trauma

Many hidden disabilities come as a result as some sort of trauma that occurs post birth.

Cooper’s story is one example of how a post birth traumatic event resulted in a permanent hidden disability. Other culprits might be stroke, traumatic incident or accident.

While some children may have pre-cursors to a hidden disability (genetic disorders) that show up later in life, others are a result of something that happens outside of the realm of ‘normal’.

The results are no less traumatic for everyone involved. Life takes a sudden turn and you find yourself in a place you never thought you’d be.

We have friends whose son was involved in a car/bike accident where he, too, sustained brain trauma. He was in early elementary school and had to re-learn everything. While he has gained back an enormous amount of function, the effects of the accident are permanent. Unlike Cooper, he sustained some physical scars that may alert others to the possibility of a disability.

Cooper’s mother obviously had to fight for her child all through his school age years, getting him the help he needed, trying to help people understand his needs.

A generation ago it was much harder than it is now to get specialized school help.

The difficult part of any hidden disability is trying to convince people that there is a real problem that has nothing to do with choices your child has made, lack of cooperation or inappropriate parenting or neglect.

One more soup label tomorrow and then we’re turning a corner to ways you can help yourself or a family you know that deals with hidden disabilities. Stay tuned and thanks for reading so far!

**If you are new here you might want to know that this post is part of a series on hidden disabilities. I am going to be continuing this series for all of October as part of the 31 Days Challenge. You can see all of the amazing topics over at The Nester’s! To go back to the beginning of this series click on the Alphabet Soup tab and you can see the indexed list of chapters.


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