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ASD = Autism Spectrum Disorder

AS = Asperger’s Syndrome

I am not an expert on Austism and Aspergers. There are far better resources and definitions out there than what I can offer you so I am going to point you in that direction.

This is a medical definition from

“The autism spectrum disorders belong to an “umbrella” category of five childhood-onset conditions known as pervasive developmental disorders (PDD). Some autism specialists use the terms pervasive developmental disorder and autism spectrum disorder interchangeably. However, when most people talk about the autism spectrum disorders, they are referring to the three most common PDDs:
 Autism
 Asperger’s Syndrome
 Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS)

Symptoms include impaired social, verbal, emotional and sensory skills. Because autism is a spectrum disorder it includes a wide range of diagnosis, from mild to severe.”

The best compilation of resources for AS and ASD is probably THIS website. Dan Coulter not only has a son with a  diagnosis of Aspergers, he also has his own. He is uniquely qualified to speak into and on behalf of the ASD/AS community. There is a wealth of articles and resources on his website, not only for parents but also articles and DVDs to pass on to relatives and teachers and other professionals to help understand the inner workings of ASD/AS.

One of the articles I read suggested that there is a movement afoot to have Aspergers absorbed into the Autism Spectrum Disorder, probably worth checking out if this diagnosis applies to you.




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