The Crazy Backstory…

Welcome to ‘all this crazy grace’.

Grab your favourite beverage and sit awhile with me.  I’ll be drinking tea.

I’ve been blogging over at since forever but decided it was time for a change.  Call me crazy but I love blogging and connecting in this space!

I am crazy in love with my husband of 23 years.  We have six crazy kids together. We farm in the country and live in the city, trying to keep two houses together – crazy.

We’ve experienced crazy grace through infertility, self-employment, home-based businesses, work from home, standing in line at the food bank, moving a crazy number of times, foster care, heart conditions, health problems, attachment disorder, home-schooling, public schooling,  teenagers,tweens,  pre-schoolers, newborns, car-seats and every kind of body fluid you can imagine.

We have ministered together on stage as worship leaders, on missions trips,  in the back corners as small group leaders, in pastoral ministry with dreams to launch a new musicianary kind of thing.  We love youth, children, young adults, the boomers, the busters and all manner of life.  We are crazy about the body of Christ.

I am a patchwork of ideas and interests, gifts and talents…sometimes it drives ME crazy!  Soon we will find a store here for some of the things that come out of my craft room, a book I wrote and who knows what else will come out of the dreams God has given me.

I’m a bit of a dreamer, a writer, a creative eclectic and most of all a lover of God.  I hope that as you journey with me through mothering, wife-ing, pastor-ing, creating and learning that we can be friends, that in the midst of my crazy you will see the crazy grace of God all over.

Welcome here, to all this crazy grace,

Lani (also known as the flowerlady but maybe now I’ll be the crazy lady!!)