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On Monday night I got to go on a date with my son to see the preview of God’s Not Dead 2. I totally enjoyed it and I hope y’all go see it when it opens April 1. Very relevant to what’s going on all over the place today. The preview was sponsored by Graff-Martin Communications for whom I read books and supply reviews right here on my blog. If you happen to be a blogger click on that Nuts About Books button and go sign up for yourself! You get great books and get to state your opinion, what’s not to like!! ­čÖé

Sometimes, you also get tickets to preview events like the one that Sam and I went to on Monday night. Right next door to the theatre where we were watching #Godsnotdead2 was Risen. Now, I had tickets to go see that preview but my son’s accident kind of pre-empted that date night! ┬áHowever, I got the book to review and I am happy to offer that up to you today. Great week-end reading, especially since we are in the season of Lent and preparing for Resurrection Sunday!! Woo hoo.

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Risen was written by Angela Hunt FROM the screenplay, so a a little different than most book/movie combos. ┬áI tend to prefer books to movies and I love Angela Hunt’s writing style. She did not disappoint me.

Risen takes us into the world of the Roman centurion Clavius’ world. It is written, primarily, from his perspective as he is given the task of assigning detail to the crucifixion of Jesus and then trying to unravel the mystery of body’s disappearance. Politics, intrigue and all the rumours make his head spin. He has been accused more than once of being a brute, incapable of feeling. The assignment that he faces seeks to undo all of his carefully crafted belief systems and superiority of the Roman way of life. Especially when he comes face to face with the risen Lord.

What to do then? He follows the believers in his efforts to track down the truth. I won’t give away anymore than that. ┬áRisen is a well crafted story that gives the familiar words of scripture a very different perspective. There are some parts of the story that aren’t in the movie as Hunt took liberty by adding characters and scenes that you won’t find in the movie. You are welcomed to let your mind run with Clavius on the cobblestone streets of Jerusalem, in the Garden of Gesthemene, at the tomb and Golgotha, eventually landing on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

Enjoy Risen, both the movie and the book, in theatres and stores now!

(my copy was supplied by Baker Publishing House and Graf-Martin Communications)