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2015 reclaim button

It’s the first Tuesday of the new year. That should be celebrated don’t ya think?


Okay, enough of that frivolity!

The new year is SERIOUS business. I’m supposed to be making resolutions, starting revolutions, resolving to do stuff, save the world, etc., etc….

I will not be doing any of that.

Just for the record.


I hope that 2015 will be a year of reclaiming.

As I reflected on the last few years and prayed about what my word for this year would be I sifted and sorted through quite a few.

Then my heart landed on RECLAIM.

I tried it on for size and it seemed to fit. (Kind of like the perfect pair of red boots.)

There are some things I seem to have lost along the way that I would like to have back.

– my health in general and all the other aspects of healthiness – spiritual health, emotional health, relational health… I want it back!

Everything is pretty much tied up in that statement actually. I don’t think there are any more bullet points to add.

If I can reclaim myself in those areas, I think we’ll be doing well!

And I want to do it in…RED BOOTS!!!



This beautiful piece of art was at the church where the wedding took place…it fit my new theme pretty well.  Take over the world (reclaim) in red boots!!


I got these awesome red boots for Christmas from my husband. He is a pretty awesome guy (even more awesome than the boots) and takes not-so-subtle hints really well. Something along the lines of, “See these boots that I’m trying on my feet right now? I’m going to take them off and you should buy them. I will conveniently leave the store right now and wander over to Build-a-Bear where I want nothing while you buy them for me for Christmas.” He’s good that way.

I got the notion that I will document where these boots take me this year while I reclaim the world. So far we’ve been to the mountains (Fairmont, BC – working on family reclamation) and to the wedding of one of our youth group kids (maybe the fruit of reclamation).  I hope you’ll join me for the journey of reclamation and exploration! I will be posting on Instagram/Facebook, too. (@laniwiens or Lani Fast Wiens or All This Crazy Grace)

We can reclaim the world together, one red boot at a time!

I’m going to be chatting about what RECLAIM means and looks like over the next while…I hope you’ll join the conversation here or at one of the other places that I am online.