blue bike

Tea, writing Romans, my Hope journal and Notes from a Blue Bike…

I am doing my best to savour summer. I will be the first to admit that summer is NOT my favourite season of the year. I am not into any of the following:

  • heat
  • humidity
  • dust/dirt
  • sticky, sweaty skin
  • legs sticking to seats when I actually where shorts

I am fond of:

  • beautiful flowers
  • leafy, green trees
  • fields of bright yellow canola, purple flax, hazy green and white peas
  • no school lunches
  • vague morning schedules
  • vague schedules, period
  • having less on the ‘to do’ list
  • non-existent bed times
  • sitting around a fire

If you read here at all or follow me on Facebook or Instagram you’ll know we are in the middle of a HUGE reno. It has literally taken over the whole house. So slowing down has been a safety necessity as we duck around scaffolding and skirt saws and hammers and nails. We are confined to a small area of the house that we can actually ‘do’ anything in.

But there is progress! Today the appliances that were missing got delivered. They are cutting our countertops, most of the cupboards are in. Concrete is going in TODAY!!! (yes, the dirt will finally be covered!!!!! – sidenote: this is the first summer I can ever remember seeking out shoes constantly – I am usually barefoot as much as possible but the dirt and nails, etc. has precluded that habit) The air conditioning may actually be working by the end of the day…

This road has been a far longer, pot-holed, detoured journey than we could ever have imagined. As a girl working through depression, anxiety, expectations, boundary and control issues there have been a few moments where this has pushed me close to – and maybe a little over – the edge. A crazed, psycho sometimes emerges from this body…just saying.

A few weeks ago I found Notes From a Blue Bike by Tsh Oxenreider at Indigo for $5. I snatched it up. Lots of people in the blogosphere have raved about it but honestly…I was intrigued by the cover…yes, I know! I just got a bike like the one on the cover and I LOVE riding it! (actually, my knees don’t, but the rest of me is very happy)

This is a book I chose to read, not one I have to read for a review. So I am taking it slowly, savouring it and that is what the book is about. Slowing down. Living intentionally. And that is what I want. This year has been one of 6AM mornings. A morning routine that gets my six kids out over a period of 3 hours! Shuffling between the farm and the city. School activities out the whazoo. Chauffeuring every evening. It has been hectic.

I want less of that.

I don’t know what changes we will make to do that. Finishing the reno will help the feelings of chaos that we’re living at the moment I know that. But we are wondering if we go back to home-schooling the younger three which would change those mornings tremendously.

Our oldest is going off to college in the fall so that means one less body in the mix. I can’t imagine the house without him but I am so excited for him to go on this adventure…even if it is all the way across the country.

I want more intentionality. That might mean more menu planning again, re-doing the budget, cooking more, going to bed earlier, less screens, more routines.

We are trying to enjoy the ‘lazy days of summer’. We haven’t actually experienced that before so we’re giving it a go. Not planning much, seeing where the wind takes us. Playing games in the evening, heading out for a bike ride. We’re actually going on a summer holiday road trip that is mostly unplanned. So if you live between here and the Pacific let us know, we’d love to stop by, we’re leaving on Friday. I’m taking a large stack of books and three very excited kids! (yes only 3…so weird)

I guess that’s enough rambling for now. I need to go shower and run some errands. I can’t do them on my blue bike today but I will drive my blue van and be patient with all the construction and savour the moment out of the dirt! 🙂