I have been wrecked for the last few days.

I read this post from Ann Voskamp about the choices that women need to make…choosing between their children.

I read about nine year old girls that are sold as wives or whatever…

My little girl is nine.

Soaking up the sun!

Soaking up the sun!

I cannot imagine her being used in that way.

My North American problems with plumbing and furnaces and a wrecked up house seem so minor and trivial.

My husband may be working 80 hour work weeks to get a crop in the ground so we can send our kids to school and feed and clothe them for another year. But he is alive.

We will pour gas into our vehicles and drive around and buy things because we want to.

We pour water down our drains when we no longer need it.

My son can fall asleep in the shower and we won’t be worse for wear…other than a little prune-y.

And I listen to 2 Samuel as I drive to work and I hear the atrocities of those times and wonder how that would have been. God sent out armies to completely annihilate another people group. I don’t get it. It doesn’t sound that different from what ISIS is doing…

They were not FOR God so He was AGAINST them.

Since then so many atrocities have happened in God’s name.

And there were plenty that weren’t.

And lots of people were killed. God’s people and His enemies.

And I wonder what my role in all this is.

Do I just keep doing what I do every day? Keep making lunches, trying to raise my kids, sew a straight seam and go to work every other day…

My heart is full and heavy and I wonder and ponder this world we live in.

In the meantime I am going to support the Preemptive Love Coatlition because they love first and ask questions later. They go in and make a difference. You can see what they’re doing over HERE.