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It’s a journey people.

I am not at the point of blog awesomeness. In fact I barely know anything about SEO, analytics, meta descriptions and all that gobbledy gook that surrounds things like blogs even though I’ve been doing this for over 10 years. I let other people work behind the scenes! All that stuff in the sidebar of my dashboard is overwhelming to me…but I intend to conquer it and gain understanding!

A couple of years ago I won a blog make-over with Fistbump Media so Dan King and I started a conversation that has continued until today. While my daughter actually designed what you see…Dan and his team keep it running smoothly. That Dan is a smart guy and he has some great partners in business and they have developed a course that will help me and others like me understand how this all works. I haven’t completed the course yet but what I’ve done so far is pretty…. awesome!

blog awe 2

Sometimes people ask me questions about blogging, how to set it up and where to begin.  Let me just say…START HERE!! The course is new and so there is introductory pricing for a limited time. Dan King is a real person and will help you if you end up in the land of confusion (which is where I tend to dwell)!

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Blogging is about communicating something important to you…31 Days to Blog Awesomeness will help you communicate it well! The course is at introductory pricing for the next little while ($19.99) and then will go to regular pricing ($29.99).  Jump in while the fishing is fine.

My heart’s desire is to communicate well. To seek to understand and to be understood. I can do that better if I know that the words I’m posting here will have maximum impact because they’re getting to where they are supposed to go. The most people can see them and access them. I need to learn this stuff so that I can communicate better. Which is why I am taking the course at this time. Why don’t you join me? We can be classroom buddies! In each section there is a comment box in which you can ask questions and they will be answered.

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Click on any one of the graphics in the above post and you will be taken directly to the course introduction.

(I am supposed to be an affiliate and if I set it up properly…by clicking on any of the links (highlighted words or the graphics) it will take you right to the course whereby I get a little something for referring you there!)

You are welcome!

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