Something is Awakened…

Childhood is the age of innocence and curiosity, at least it’s supposed to be. My innocence was robbed from me and I didn’t even know it at the time. We frequently visited a home where there was the customary stack of magazines in the bathroom. Being an avid reader I would sift through them and […]

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The Night the Flame Went Out

As a married woman I was still crushed by fear which made me feel ashamed and childish. I’d been a Christian all my life, I knew about the armour of God, I knew about prayer and yet, I was still afraid. There were many nights where I had to call my husband in while I […]

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Monsters in my closet…

I remember the day that fear came bounding in the door. I was six. I don’t remember where my siblings were but I remember that my parents needed to go somewhere for a very short time. It was already dark and I was ready for bed and rather than get me dressed again decided to […]

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The Beginning of Grace

  Forty five years or so ago a young couple anxiously awaited the birth of their fourth child. Not the kind of anxious that is excited and happy, the kind of anxious that wakes you up in a cold sweat with ‘what ifs’ swirling in your brain. Earlier that year they had been anxious as […]

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Review: Angels in the Fire

Dann and Tracey Stadler aren’t your every day couple. They have endured enormous heartbreak and tragedy and yet are a testimony to God’s grace. Angels in the Fire is the story of their incredible rescue. Rather than taking their lives in a head-on collision, an incredible rescue has enabled them to continue to tell the […]

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A Fresh Start

Blogging can be a very vulnerable business, particularly for those of us who are personal bloggers. We throw out bits and pieces of our lives and thoughts for anyone coming by to comment on. My former blog, ‘fresh flowers’ was started to keep an archive of my writing, I didn’t want to lose it all […]

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FMF: Present

I just tucked her in. That sweet blonde, blue-eyed princess with sand in her hair and a gap in her smile. One of these days it will be the last time. Like her older siblings she will outgrow mama singing Jesus Loves Me. She won’t ask anymore. But for tonight I am still needed before […]

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Becoming a Son-Worshipper

I am pulling out a post from the archives of my old blog. I’ll leave an update on the bottom…you’ll see what I mean! Becoming a Son-Worshipper ©2005, Lani Wiens a fresh flowers original A flower popped up in my shower this morning. My feet looked like they were really dirty but when I got down […]

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We are covered by His crazy grace…

This morning hasn’t gone the way I thought. There was a crisis and hurting hearts needed counsel and a listening ear. We needed to remember this morning that God knows our hearts and loves us anyway. We needed to remember that no matter the size of the disappointment or sin God’s sacrifice is bigger. So […]

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Behind the Scenes: The Scary Movie Girl

I love this picture. My daughter is on the far right, the one with the ‘scary movie’ look on her face and her two best friends.  It was her birthday. It was supposed to look like this: 1. They were all going to wear their ‘leather’ jackets. (check) 2. We would have a stunning photo […]

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