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I just created a really gross collage that you’re going to wonder, “What on earth? Why?”

Yeah, cause I am cool like that.

WARNING: I talk about mice and there is a picture of a dead one further down.

We have lived in old houses for most of our married lives or on a farm. Mice have been involved.

Old houses and farms have issues with mice. There are usually plenty of places where the critters can get in.

I kinda hate them and have a vendetta against them.  They must die.

When I am in a war with the mice I enter into some serious warfare strategy. I have a lot of traps and poison.

I monitor those traps and I try to get rid of anything that I know will entice them to stick around.

Lately I have been reading Fervent. I also watched War Room, finally! They have a very clear message.

We are in a battle people.

The enemy comes only to kill and steal and destroy (kind of like the mice) but I come that you might have life and have it to the full!  (John 10:10)


The enemy is sneaky (like mice) and gets in wherever he finds an opening (like mice).

We need to be vigilant and get out the traps and bait and poison and close up the places where there is room for him to wander in (PRAYER STRATEGY).


In the middle of the battle with the mice/enemy God is faithful to show us where we need to look, where we need to shore up defences and where to set the traps. It’s His crazy grace that helps us right in the middle of the battle. And for every battle we need a plan, or it’s kind of like shooting a shotgun at a bush, maybe you’ll hit something, maybe you won’t, but there will probably be some flapping and honking. In Fervent, Priscilla Shirer teaches us how to make a prayer battle plan, so we can use the weapons God gave us, the sword of truth which is the word of God to be more like a sniper, pulling the trigger and taking out that target.

Often I’ve prayed, and set traps very randomly, the shotgun approach, but, if I study the patterns of the mouse trails, it becomes obvious where to set the traps for the best chance of success (sniper success). However, after a catch or two you won’t catch mice in that place again, it is necessary to move the trap because the mice get wise.

Satan is like that. He is strategic and keeps looking for different paths into our lives in order to take us down. We must be vigilant, keeping a close intimacy with the Father. Holy Spirit will show us where our weaknesses are. We need to walk shoulder to shoulder with other believers so that they can help us in the midst of the battle. We are better together than we are apart!!

I hope I haven’t offended anyone with my dead mouse pictures. God meets me in the middle of the strangest things.

I am linking up with Meet Me in the Middle, I hope you go and look at some other places where God meets us! #meetmeinthemiddleproj

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