Cherise closed the door on her daughter and walked back to the kitchen. It was going to be one of THOSE days.

Mandy had started in as soon as her eyes opened. She didn’t want eggs, she wanted cereal. She dumped milk into her brother’s plate with an exaggerated “Oops!” and a not-so-well-concealed snicker. When asked to clean up after herself she simply said, “No,” and walked away.

Cherise had called after her to make sure she put clean clothes on. Instead Cherise pulled dirty clothes with obvious stains out of her laundry basket and brazenly displayed her ‘outfit’ to the rest of the family. “Will this do Mother Superior?” she had taunted.

Unfortunately, Drake, took the bait and ordered his daughter back to her room to change.

More yelling ensued and soon Cherise was in her room lying on her floor having a full on tantrum.

There was nothing left for them to do but wait it out.

And what do you do when your 17 year old daughter is having a tantrum on the floor like a two year old?

Yeah, they don’t know either.


**If you are new here you might want to know that this post is part of a series on hidden disabilities. I am going to be continuing this series for all of October as part of the 31 Days Challenge. You can see all of the amazing topics over at The Nester’s! To go back to the beginning of this series click on the Alphabet Soup tab and you can see the indexed list of chapters.


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