Today’s assignment was harder than I thought it would be.

It shouldn’t have been, it didn’t seem like a really big deal, it was just exercise, taking care of myself.

I can love God by taking care of myself.

It’s not like I don’t know this but I tend not to think about it a whole lot.

I have a great aversion to getting caught up in an unhealthy cycle of navel-gazing and ‘it’s-all-about-me-itess’!

I know the rhetoric of taking care of oneself in order to be able to give your best to your family and all that.

Yes ma’am, I know all the stuff.

But I don’t really do it.

I’m not a martyr, self-sacrificing for my family.

But I may just have a problem with boundaries.

If someone asks me to do something or asks something of me I tend to give it over without much thought or prayer.

This morning the Lord said I needed to exercise, to take care of this temple, to make an appointment with myself to work on my book (I haven’t done that yet).

This is going to require further prayer. I don’t like excuses or justifications. I stink at discipline.

So what do you do when you ask God, “How do I love you today?” and He says, “Take care of yourself and start exercising.”

You exercise.

So I did.


I want to share a photo that I took today that has a lot, and nothing, to do with the former post…

Lizzy's Thank-full Heart

Lizzy’s Thank-full Heart

This morning she was busy working on this, she wants her heart to be overflowing.

Today over at A Holy Experience it is Multitudes on Mondays…a day to give thanks. I haven’t linked up in awhile so I thought I would. I am thankful for Ann’s influence in our family. We recently began round 3 as a family of 1000 gifts…


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