Love spends time…

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If you love someone, you spend time with them.

Absence doesn’t actually make the heart grow fonder.

Hopefully it makes you desperate to be back in the presence of the one you love.

My husband has travelled alot, farmed alot and is often gone.

I hate it when he’s not here, but after a day or two we all adjust and get used to his absence.

We miss him and long for him to return, but we have learned how to get by without his presence.

When he returns it is a major re-adjustment for everyone. I cook differently when he’s not here, I keep different hours, spend my time differently.

I am so glad when he returns but we have to do a little ‘re-entry’ type of dance. I have to adjust to his being back in my personal space bubble.

My relationship with God isn’t so much different.

For that week I was sick my eyes and brain could not adjust to reading the tiny print in my Bible (okay, confession – that is happening a LOT lately, I may need to see an optometrist). I generally felt sorry for myself and let myself wallow around in self-pity and didn’t give much thought to anyone or anything besides my own misery.

Not surprisingly, I got used to not spending time with Him, not asking my question, and the absence grew longer.

But one day last week a sudden longing sprung up. I had been missing Him, missing that time together. Over the last week I have been doing the ‘re-entry’ tango, re-adjusting to asking the question. Letting Him back into my personal space bubble.

I want to come to a place where I can’t do without Him. Where a moment away from Him is agony, like a love-sick fifteen year old (hopefully with more maturity)! I want to love His presence more than anything else this world can offer…

Love spends time together…

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With six kids, a farm, a ministry and dreams poking out in every direction I need plenty of grace to keep all the balls in the air. The sweet thing is that when I drop them, that crazy grace of God is there telling me I'm still okay...and you are, too...welcome to this place of grace.

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