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The world of an autistic or Aspergers child is narrow and rigid.

Their ability to make friends or communicate is limited so having conversations can be difficult. They tend to miss common social cues and constructs. The following would be a possible situation in which there would be a miscue.

A group of kids is standing in a circle talking, the Aspie kid walks up to the circle and the circle tightens. This goes unnoticed and the Aspie kid inserts themselves into the circle and launches into a monologue about the latest movie or video game they’ve fixated upon. They do not seeing the glares and body language that would have told them that this circle wasn’t one they were welcome in, they did not stop to hear the conversation and participate appropriately.

This child may also fixate on particular, narrow topics that don’t necessarily have relevance to the rest of their life, for example; memorizing baseball stats but not actually having interest in the sport itself.

There may be an inability to sequence and a tendency to be quickly overwhelmed. On the more severe side of the disorder you can expect loud, inappropriate outbursts, random physical movement, possibly in a pattern (twirling), fixation on one small thing – spinning wheels, violence and difficulty with speech.

Theses kids work well with lists and routines. Once they’ve got the ‘rules’ in their heads they will keep them. That can be a plus!

Often anxiety is part of their alphabet soup, possibly ADHD or ADD.

They long for order and sameness, change needs to be approached slowly and carefully. Surprises, crowds and loud noises aren’t usually a good idea.

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