just running out the door….

I was going to write a fabulous post about the amazing people who helped me get this site up and running…however, I have to run out the door…right now!  for the next 4 days… with dance rehearsals and recitals and all that business…


My daughter, that pretty girl in the pictures in the header…yeah, her, Abby, she is 13 and she designed this thing.  I made it into a home-school class and she gets an A++++++!!

We signed up for The Blog Class over and Jones Design Company.  (Click on those links to go and see what you get!) Ryan and Emily have been very patient and encouraging to us as we walked through all the craziness that went into putting up this site over the last few months.  The class is worth every penny and I haven’t even tapped out all the resources in there yet.

AND…they are going to be at Allume this year!!  So am I! maybe I’ll get to meet them, I for sure will be taking their seminar.

If you haven’t entered the give aways this week, go leave a comment on the previous two posts.

Today I am giving away a coupon for 15% off from the Jones Design Company Store – Emily does beautiful work and I know you won’t be disappointed.

What are you waiting for…go check out her store HERE and tell me what you like in the comment section, you’ll be entered to win the coupon.

(yes, I do know about Rafflecopter, but I just don’t have time to wrap my brain around it – read the first sentence)

See you on Monday!!  I will post the winners to both give-aways then…so you’ve got all weekend to post comments galore!!  1 bracelet 1 coupon

Share this post on facebook or twitter and get another chance to win (you’ll have to come back and tell me you did…cause I didn’t use Rafflecopter, remember, I don’t have time)

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