Tip #1 – when launching a new blog, plan to be at home…

Tip #2 – when launching a new blog, plan it for when your kids aren’t going in 14 directions at one time and you should not be sick…

Tip #3 – perhaps you should actually plan it….

Having said that…I’m just glad I did it.  I jumped off the diving board and here we are.  Because:

If you wait for the right time, you will be waiting all your life.

I have about 20 things in my head that I wanted to blog about today, but I came down with a very nasty cold and am going to go back to bed in a few minutes.  However, there are people who won stuff!!

My heartfelt thanks goes to all who came by with words of encouragement and grace as I launched.  I hope you find a safe place here.

I was about to write what you can expect to find here, but my head is a little fuzzy and I might commit to something I can’t deliver…ACK!!  Don’t need anymore pieces of failure, thanks.  I’ll wait until I can think more clearly.

Without further ado…

(sorry, just a little more ado…I think it’s kinda funny how God does these things…)

Remember I didn’t use Rafflecopter, I used the very scientific method of writing your names on little pieces of paper and having my handsome handy husband pick your names out of a box!!

For the Lisa Leonard bracelet:

LauraP from Hentown Mama – you can visit her blog HERE.  She happens to be a fellow dream team member!

For the 15% off coupon to Jones Design Company:

Kay from White Gunpowder – you can visit her blog HERE.  She happens to be a fellow Blog Class member!

I have sent both of you e-mails, so please check your inbox and send me the info I need to send you your prizes!!

See – I think it’s kinda cool how God does that…

the dream bracelet went to a dreamer

the coupon went to a blog class-er

okay…I’ll stop now