Oh that I could harness all the amazing post ideas that flit through my head like bees sucking nectar from a….{squirrel}

I am usually just one thought away from magnificence, but alas exhaustion overcomes me and I fall into bed trying to…{squirrel}

I have three book ideas in my head, one of them is actually in the process of being written but I…{squirrel}

Right now I’m wearing a pink hoodie, orange pants and….{squirrel}

I’m supposed to go to camp with the youth group this weekend and I need to call…{squirrel}

Do I have anything of importance to say today?  Only these things:

1.  We only get 24 hours in each day, make sure to sleep for at least 8 of them.

2. Moms of small children should have daily standing ovations just for making it through to bedtime without chewing any arms off.

3. Ditto for moms of middle graders and high schoolers.

4.  It’s okay to change the plan.

5.  When there’s no gluten-free food in your house…eat the fresh buns out of the oven that you made for everyone else, eventually your body will forgive you.

6.  Yes, there is grace for days like this!!