It’s Friday again so here I am joining the flash mob of writers who bravely take five minutes of unedited writing and throw it out there for the world to see.

Today’s prompt: FINISH


I am staring down finish lines all over the place right now.

I was caught up short at the eye doctor yesterday when I had to make a follow up appointment for six weeks from now and realized I won’t be at the farm anymore.

There are only a few days left until we take back posession of our house in the city and we haven’t heard anything from the contractors or the bank or the engineer who are all supposed to have crossed their finish lines weeks ago.

I need to finish packing but I haven’t really started in my heart.

I have a beautiful quilt to finish for my now 12 year old boy who I told ahead of time that I wouldn’t be able to finish in time for his birthday because of the move.

The crops are flowering and heading toward their finish lines…will they be what we need to sustain us for the next year of no employment? We hope so.

I don’t have to finish friendships because they will continue…I hope.

I do have to finish leading a ministry that is my heart out on my sleeve and it hurts to see it end.

We led our last youth group meeting a few weeks ago but that, too, doesn’t really feel finished because those kids are our kids and we want them to be taken care of well and tears are falling down my cheeks as the timer counts down on too many things.

Today is the last day of camp for my boy so I need to collect him from his finish line.

That is all.