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Today’s prompt: MERCY


I don’t know what will come out of my fingers as I contemplate Mercy.

I immediately think of Jacque Watkins site…Mercy Found Me and the stories of grace and mercy that can be found there.

I think of the mercy that God has shown me.

I think of the mercy that I need to simply breathe.

I think of the mercy that I do not give out…

I think of the mercy extended over and over and not received by a society that is so lost and depraved.

I remember the words of scripture that can haunt a soul bent on revenge and holding on to hurt…the mercy that you have shown…that is the mercy you will receive…

I think of the black clouds that hover over my son’s head, this one to whom mercy has been given but he doesn’t know HOW to receive it.

Instead he carries his bricks of hurt and rejection and the lies the enemy has whispered to him over the course of his life and the child cannot see the mercy on the other side of his brick wall.  Mercy that waits like a tsunami wave to come in and break down that wall and set him free.

But freedom for him is costly, will he know who he is if the wall isn’t there?

Will I know who he is?

What will he look like when the relentless God of love finally breaks through and finds him?

When mercy finds my son…

I believe it will happen.

Lord, help me believe.

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