This is my first Five Minute Friday in the new space.  If you’re new to me and FMF, let me explain…

Five Minute Friday is the brain-child of Lisa Jo.  It’s a free writing exercise.  She posts a prompt and you set your timer for five minutes and go for it.  No pre-planning, no editing, just writing what is in your heart.  It’s truly miraculous to see what comes flying out of fingertips all over the place.  We link up over at Lisa Jo’s and then go and encourage whoever posted before you and maybe one or two others.

It’s a community born of writing.  Today’s prompt:  FALL

Falling Into Grace

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To fall is to drop from where you’ve been.  It usually involves pain somewhere and a getting up again.

I feel like I’ve been free-falling for a long time now and maybe I’ve finally hit the bottom.

I wander aimlessly.  I stare at walls.  I spend so much time at the computer screen that my kids have come to expect it.

But there is a voice calling me to rise up again.

To come close.  To fall in a completely different way.

To fall in love again.

To drop into a place where pain is inevitable but only as it is used to clean and bandage up the wounding that happened in that other falling.

To choose Him first.

This voice is telling me to let things go that I’m holding tightly to.

To choose well rather than what’s easy.

He’s calling me to fall into grace.

Because there’s another voice that will tell me that I’ve fallen from it.

IT will tell me that I’ve failed and there is no rising up, that I might as well give up and forget it.

IT tells me that there is only pain and much worse to come because I have fallen far from where I SHOULD be.

IT tells me that I shouldn’t lead, that I shouldn’t even try.

But the voice of truth is louder today and I will choose to fall into grace and grace and grace.


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