Christmas Concert 2013 411

I will admit that I take me for granted.

I often assume that others can do what I do do…and probably better.

I don’t think about what kind of thought went into dreaming me up with my specific set of skills and talents.

I take it for granted that I can do what I can do.

God has blessed me with a wonderful gift in who I am.

But too often I mock that gift, destroy that gift, talk badly about that gift, get mad at that gift…

I don’t treat it well or I don’t use it at all, or sweep some parts under the rug after they don’t measure up to the comparisons I drag them through.

When I was at Allume this year, Ann Voskamp spoke about the Esther Generation, about shining like a star because that is what each one of us is.

You see, no one else is going to shine for you.

If you don’t shine, there will be a black space where you are supposed to be.

No one else can be you.

You need to paint the picture, sing the song, write the words, teach the class, change the pipe, type the letter, wipe the tears.

You need to shine.

All of us need to quit apologizing for being good at what we were created to do. You were designed to be good at that! Quit saying sorry because you think someone else might feel bad that you are better at it than they are.

It is hard to find your spot, your niche, the art that you were created to make.

But it is worth the effort to find it, to do it…to BE it!

You are art!


Do not take you for granted.

“I will declare, the goodness of the Lord, in the land of the living!”

This is the verse that keeps ringing in my heart. I asked the Lord for a word for 2014 and this is what came.


Speak it out.

Be who I was made to be.

I will declare it. I am thankful for the ME He made me to be. I will shine.



I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. See you in the new year!!

ps: the piercings are fake…just stickers!!

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