My kids often cry out, “I DON’T CARE!” about all kinds of things, many of them things that they actually DO care about but decided that abandoning that thing in the heat of the moment was a safer option.

Today I thought I would bring to you some things I really DON’T care about…just for fun and in no particular order

1. The ongoing life and times of celebrities.

Nope, do. not. care. who was seen with who, who is doing what with whom and where. Do. Not. Care who had plastic surgery or spent how many dollars on what thing or what they wore doing it

2. Survivor

The show. Watched it once and never again. I think it is utterly ridiculous and way too much drama. That is all.

3. Most reality shows actually

My daughter and I decided that this, too, is ridiculous. Why would anyone want a crew of camera people in their face all day filming what they do? Oh, for the money….because that makes it all better. Who lives a normal life in front of a camera, seriously.

4. Matching socks

5. Coffee – I realize I could get lynched for this one but there you have it folks…I don’t care about coffee…at all.

6. Pictures of what people had for dinner on facebook unless you have invited me over…

I just noticed that there is a VERY large speaker to my left. I know our speaker system on the computer is lacking a little but this may just be overkill. That’s what you get for living with a musician!

PLEASE…join me in not caring about some things…write a comment so I know that you’re out there, it won’t hurt.