You might be thinking, “What is a book review doing in the middle of a series on disappointment and desire?”

And I will tell you, “Because it perfectly illustrates the point of this whole thing!”

Bathsheba, Angela Hunt is a telling of the well-known story of David’s indiscretions perpetrated on Bathsheba. I love Hunt’s writing and she did not disappoint. In any such endeavour the author gets to take a little creative license and fill in the gaps that aren’t written down for the historical record. What they create though, is an atmosphere in which the characters become more human than the few paragraphs that are afforded us in scripture. Ms. Hunt is really good at this.

David’s God-given, holy desire was misguided. Rather than heading over to war with the soldiers under his command or to his harem, he was hanging out on his roof. He sees a beautiful woman taking a bath and his desire flares and he allows it to carry him away down a destructive, disappointing path.

If you are unaware of the story I’ll give you the highlights. He sends his guards to bring the beautiful woman to him, he doesn’t care that she is already married to one of his elite guards. He takes her, most likely against her will but who is she to say no to the king, she doesn’t have that option. She gets pregnant. He freaks out and bring the hubby home to take care of his problem. Only Uriah is more honorable than the king and keeps to the soldier code. David acts rashly and in his desire to take care of the problem (once more misguided), he sends Uriah back to the battle carrying instructions that will bring an end to his life.

It’s a shocking tale and Hunt tells it well. Bringing all the horror of the situation into the light of day. Nathan, the prophet calls David out and David responds. His desire is then refocused back to where it belongs, on His heavenly Father, he repents but it doesn’t undo the consequences of his actions. David has to live with the disappointing, heartbreaking consequences of his sin and they are harsh.

The desire of a man for a woman came from God. David took that desire out of the context in which it belonged, not pointing his heart toward God but to his own selfish ends. This is the very thing that is often the cause of disappointment. We must examine our motive and where our desire is leading us. God’s word says, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

David got what he desired, but it wasn’t delightful, it did not bring good fruit because it was misguided. It wasn’t long after that we hear, “Create in me a clean heart O God…”

Are you experiencing disappointment? Check your motives and perhaps spends some time in Psalm 51.

There is hope in David and Bathsheba’s story. Nathan prophesied some doom and gloom, but he also gave David a promise to hold on to, hope for the hard days ahead, and that is something God is very good at. His promises are steadfast and true. You can count on them.

Look for the promise my friend, repent if you need to, spend some time with the Father, He will send you hope.

Bathsheba was provide to me by Bethany House a division of Baker Book House and Graf-Martin Communications.

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