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Christmas Card 2


See those beautiful kids up there?

Those are my kids!

Sometimes I take them for granted.

They are really great kids, not perfect by any means, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything!

Back when I was a little girl I wanted nothing more than to be a mom (well, maybe a movie star…)!

I got married at 23 and thought the fairy tale would unfold from there.

It didn’t.

After several years of doctor’s tests and what have you we were told we would probably never have children. My husband could have surgery to see if that would help but the odds weren’t good. We decided to try the surgery.

Six weeks later we were expecting and over the moon!

It took another four years for the next one to show up.

We dropped a permanent addition right in between those two through permanent guardianship.

The two younger boys followed in quick succession.

We suffered a miscarriage and a promise that another one was coming.

She did and we were done having kids that way! At 38 I was not looking to have this body do that again.

If God so chose, we would gladly receive another one, but I think I would prefer adoption at this point.

Yes, those six are something special.

I cannot take them for granted.

(psst, I wrote this post because I’m avoiding another…hopefully I will get enough courage to write that one.)