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Hi there,

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Would you pray with me that the words that come out my fingertips would be an encouragement to you and everyone who reads them. I’m not certain what God has in store for this but more than anything I want Him to have His way with it.

Disappointment has dogged my heals for as long as I can remember. There have been days when I felt like I had my own personal black cloud over my head. Life seemed so gloomy. So many disappointments. So discouraging. Life just hasn’t really gone the way that I expected.

Disappointment in inextricably linked to our desires. You won’t have one without the other. My desires are many, some are from my own flesh and some are from God and both have caused me joy and despair. We’ll talk about that more as we work through this together.

In the last year or so God has slowly been peeling back the cover on that book called and disappointment. He has been showing me some things that I wasn’t expecting and it hasn’t been an easy and altogether pleasant journey and it is far from over.

So won’t you sit with me awhile and I’ll tell you some of my stories and you can tell me some of yours and together we’ll hold on to hope – something far more powerful than fear. (Even President Snow knows that!)