Curious Faith {a review}

I am so pleased to introduce Curious Faith to you. Logan Wolfram is the director of Allume, the blogger convention that I love to go to. I love this girl’s heart.

Logan is warm, friendly, says y’all a lot and is not afraid of REAL! In Curious Faith she shares her story, a story that many of us can relate to. She’s gone through the things that many of us experience in life; hurt, pain, transitions, wilderness and questions. ¬†She writes just like she speaks, with wit, humour and wisdom and a deep love for her Saviour.

Through the stories she shares she continually brings us back to the God who covers the moon, this great God who says the truth about you, always. She attacks the illusion of control and speaks to our mistaken identities. In Curious Faith Logan helps us in and through the wilderness, something that I can particularly identify with at the moment. One of my favourite quotes is this:

curious 16

“Sometimes, we are in a real wilderness But, sometimes we stay there because we stop looking for a way out. We stop looking for possibility. We lose the curiosity to uncover new goodness.” (pg 103)

Often, as we get older in our faith we stop being curious and settle for complacency. We forget that our God, while knowable, is infinite and there is always something new to find out about Him. After 23 years of marriage I still don’t know all there is to know about my man. How could I possibly know all there is to know about a God who began time as we know it and spoke all we know into being and continues to hold it all together while being concerned with me personally?

Logan tackles our worries, anxieties and fears daring us to risk curiosity, to go on new adventures with God and look for the possibilities of what He is trying to teach us no matter how difficult or painful the circumstances we find ourselves in. “He wanted to transform my mind to hold on to His promises instead of allowing the circumstances around me to be what set the temperature of my life. ” (page 177) “Wrestle to see blessing. Look hard to find redemption. Every little victory is still a victory.” (page 194)

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Click on the image above to go to Logan’s website to learn more about pre-orders and presents and such!! Available on AMAZON and all your favourite booksellers! #curiousfaith

The book goes LIVE on March 1, so if you want to get in on the pre-order goodies you only have a couple of days to do so! ¬†There are great incentives for multiple purchases. I would strongly encourage this for a book club, Bible Study or small group. Don’t delay, order today!!

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