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It’s really happening {fsw – chapter 8}

Tomorrow is the first day. There are no appointments, no lessons, no places I need to be. No one here in these four walls but me and the dog tomorrow. And it intimidates me. This week the chapter I’m chatting about is focused on self-care. I have not been good at that and that is […]

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Through the Gauntlet {FSW – chapter 7}

We may or may not have survived the gauntlet that some people call the first week of school. This morning is the first that all kids actually managed to get on a bus! Now we’ll see if they get home, too! This morning I see sun filtering through green leaves and dirty windows. I sit […]

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Going back and thoughts on community {fsw – chapter 6}

I am writing my first post from the new (old) house! This mountain climb we’re on is steep friends. There have been tears and heated words (mostly me, sigh) and anxiety and more money spent than we anticipated. There have been demands and unexpected pieces and some blessings thrown in. A pretty typical moving experience. […]

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A letter to me… {fsw chapter 5}

I see you. I see the fear that has taken up a place in you where I should be, I can take that from you. You can trust me. You turn all the lights on and make sure things are locked so that you feel safe. You are safe. I am here. I love to […]

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The Seduction of Production (FSW – chapter 4)

  Do. Do. Do. Work. Work. Work. Produce. Produce. Produce. We live in a society that determines our value on what we produce. Homeless = 0 on welfare = 0 mom who stays home = 2 news anchor on major network = 7 blue collar worker = 4 movie actor = 10 Even though that […]

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Grace-deprived (fsw & fmf)

There isn’t enough for me. There never has been. Probably there never will be. I can give grace to others but I don’t deserve any. Any of that sound familiar? These are lies that I have believed and often still struggle with. I tend to be grace-deprived. Not because God hasn’t given it freely I […]

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What I learned climbing up a mountain…

It is Thursday and we are having conversations about Spiritual Whitespace. Unfortunately, my book has displaced itself! We are supposed to be on Chapter 3. I am going to send you over to the author’s blog to read and join in there today and hopefully, the book will have shown up by next week! CLICK […]

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Downstream: FSW Conversation – chapter 2

I remember a time when I could feel passionately. I was 16 when I started into children’s ministry. Working at camps. Teaching Sunday school. Helping out with the mid-week girl’s club. I was passionate about reaching children for Jesus. I grieved for children who had been abused, forgotten, murdered. I was a children’s pastor, I […]

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Finding Spiritual Whitespace conversation – chapter 1

It may be late but it is still Thursday!!! Welcome here, pull up a chair, a cup of tea and your copy of Finding Spiritual Whitespace. This book has the potential to be a game-changer for many of us. If you’ve followed my blog at all you may have noticed a theme over the last […]

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Finding Spiritual Whitespace {review and invitation}

This won’t be my ordinary review. Finding Spiritual Whitespace – Awakening Your Soul to Rest came to me as a gift of grace in the middle of a weary battle. I didn’t know who Bonnie Gray was or what spiritual whitespace was. I don’t even read ‘teaching’ books very often because I learn through stories […]

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