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Join me for Five Minute Friday…a little ‘free-writing’ exercise and lovely community of people who write. There are editing badgers here…just writing. Our prompt today is VISIT. Links are at the bottom of this post… Go… I need to write about a little visit we had last night with a wonderful young couple. They invited […]

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catching up

I have been wanting to post so many things over the last week: – why we’re addicted to drama – reclaiming kids (we added one in last week) – talk a little about beauty and why it’s so hard to wrap our head around our own – carbon monoxide poisoning – adrenal fatigue and the […]

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Reclaiming FMF : {Welcome}

I let FMF (five minute friday) go for awhile. When I started the October 31 day challenge it just didn’t fit in with what I was writing at the time and I didn’t want to interupt the flow of the book I was posting (click on the Alphabet Soup tab if you’re wondering what I’m […]

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We really don’t need to be perfect…

I am a knot at the moment. I have this thing I want to say and it was so clear lying in my bed and now, sitting here at this keyboard…I’ve gone blank. I know what it’s about, but how to say the words, to craft them into something that will, perhaps, free you, and […]

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Day 3 of NOT taking things hour granted

I am writing this on my phone, I hope there are no embarrassing auto correct events!! We are on day 3 of not taking things for granted and I am giving a simple thing the limelight…heat! Since I love in canada, on the prairie, we have really cold winters. This winter had been the coldest […]

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I am…

I left at 10:00 AM yesterday from Greenville where I was a blogger, roommate, friend and sister. 16 hours later I walk into the arms of the man I love, who loves me more  and I am home and I am wife. Seconds after we reconnect I hear the voices of my children. They have […]

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Some Truth

I love this song. I hope you play it loudly and dance if you are able. It declares the truth so powerfully. You are NOT defined by the wreckage of your past. You ARE a child of the ONE TRUE KING. Declare it today my friends!! Click on the link below and turn up your […]

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To Be Continued…

Due to my son’s birthday (family celebration today), returning from a weekend away to find my house had been handled by teenagers (read – disaster area), being trapped by a set of press-on fingernails (I CANNOT type in those things), a new baby in the family (I’m a great-aunt!!), and wanting to end this story […]

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Slipping into Darkness…

**Please note that the following content is not appropriate for children.** Sin tends to take place in the dark places of our soul. Perhaps if I had ever thought to tell someone of my struggle I wouldn’t have sunk in as deep as I did. But good girls don’t do that. Oh, I was a […]

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Behind the Scenes: The Scary Movie Girl

I love this picture. My daughter is on the far right, the one with the ‘scary movie’ look on her face and her two best friends.  It was her birthday. It was supposed to look like this: 1. They were all going to wear their ‘leather’ jackets. (check) 2. We would have a stunning photo […]

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